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Frequently Asked Questions

What does clicks mean in packages?

It means that we will run your ad in your allocated space until our the specified number of our audiences clicks on your ad.

What if I need more than 50x50 pixels space?

You can purchase a multiple of 50x50 pixels spaces and we will treat those spaces as one unit.

When will my ad be removed?

Your ad would be removed when the number of clicks is reached.  For Starter package, it would take 1-2 days, while Business package would take around a week.  Professional package is around a month.

What will happen after I purchase the package?

After your purchase, it would takes us 24 hours to display your ad on our platform.

What is the best package for me?

Assuming you're running a ecom business and testing a new product, considering that 1-3% conversion rate is optimal.  If your store, ad, product are superb, theoritically speaking Starter package can yield 5-15 conversions, Business package can yield 30-90 conversions, and Professional package can yield 100-300 conversions.  Depending on your budget and brand/product exposure you want to reach; you should decide the best package.  With that being said, advertising on other platforms would get you less results as you get charged per impression, not per click.

How do you track clicks?

Our platform will generate an affiliate link, and we would monitor each time this link has been clicked and got redirected to your site.


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